Tamim Bazzi

Tamim is an attorney and advisor who works with startup companies throughout their lifecycle, and helps new technology and high growth companies start and grow their business.  Tamim also works [...]

Benny Rubin

Benny Rubin is a lead generation and B2B marketing expert. He works with early to mid-stage companies on strategies for increasing lead volumes and diversifying lead sources. He founded and [...]

Mindy Aviles Kelly

Mindy leads the Partnership Fund’s investments in food, advanced manufacturing, and infrastructure. Mindy takes a venture capital approach to invest exclusively in New York City-based companies [...]

Valerie Madamba

Valerie Madamba is a regulatory lawyer with experience across the spectrum of FDA-regulated products and a special focus on food issues, having worked for several years as a food lawyer with the [...]


Taylor Lanzet is the Senior Director of Supply & Sustainability of Dig Inn, a vegetable-forward, farm-to-counter restaurant group. Dig Inn offers an alternative to the industrial food system [...]

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