Food-X Reveals the 8 Startups Taking Part in its Latest Cohort – exclusive (AgFunder Article)

Food-X, the SOSV-owned food tech accelerator, has revealed its fifth cohort to AgFunderNews.

The accelerator, which is based in New York, selected eight startups from over 500 applications to take part in its 14-week program. 

The selected eight are:

  • Lecker – based in Hong Kong, this company has created a counter-top, overnight yogurt maker for consumers. Food-X selected it because of its tech-focused team and prototype, which is ready to launch in Q2 of 2017.
  • RISE – based in NYC, this B2B ingredient company takes spent grain from breweries and converts it to high-protein, nutrient-rich flour. Food-X selected it for its team of engineers and their ability to tackle a huge industry concern: what to do with all those spent grains.
  • Wasteless – based in Tel Aviv, this supply chain tech startup uses RFID technology and a pricing algorithm to save money and reduce food waste. It earned its spot due to its well-rounded team and patent portfolio.
  • FruitCubed – this Ireland-based startup aims to disrupt the existing fruit and vegetable waste paradigm through innovative natural products that enhance the convenience of today’s consumer requirements. Food-X was drawn to the founders’ strong food science backgrounds and existing traction throughout Ireland.
  • All Beauty Water – an NYC-based startup offering a CPG beverage that promises to enhance skin health with its vitamin and nutrient-infused drinks. Food-X selected the startup because it offered a completed product in 150 stores with a female founder offering strong branded marketing experience.
  • Dollop Gourmet – based in Rochester and Los Angeles, this company wants to change the way consumers think about dessert by removing ingredients it describes as junk and cutting the sugar. Food-X chose this company because the female founder’s first product, a frosting line, saw 2x growth figures and is now expanding into other product lines.
  • FoodieTrip – this NYC-based company offers local and authentic culinary experiences around the world by bringing together travels with local food guides. It earned its spot because of its full team, strong footprint, and developed partnerships with hospitality industry leaders.
  • KunaChia – an Ecuadorian vertically-integrated CPG company combining South American superfoods with probiotics. Food-X was impressed with their growth over the last two years.


Credit: AgFunder, Lauren Manning