Alan ClaytonEntrepreneur, Mentor at SOSV

Entrepreneur & Mentor; commercial background at WalMart/ASDA, 15 years coaching over 50 companies across 4 continents. Now accelerating startups and investing with the SOSventures team

Mentor at Chinaccelerator, HAXLR8R, Food-X

Director at MakersTV – 1st TV Format focussed accelerator

Writing the “Wholebrain Startup” methodology to make sure startups get best value from ultra smart founders and an ultra smart team. No ‘half brains’ please !

Slaving away at SOSventures building businesses from seed. Specialities: Applying Wholebrain strategies to team building, product development, sales & marketing. Building global distribution channels for an online world.

Now able to spend weeks in China without visiting McDonalds.