Andrew AngusFounder at Revenue.Partners

So what do you need to know about Andrew Angus?

I like people and processes. A lot. I channel this into building kick-ass sales and marketing stacks and the amazing teams that run them. That’s what I focused on when I built Switch Video (acquired 2015) and Switch Merge (acquired 2015), and it’s what I did at Infer and PlanGrid as the Senior Director of Revenue Operations.

But how did I get started in tech? (If you are looking for a typical story you should head up to the top left and click the back button.)

In college, I started a solar-powered juicing business that was all run on a bicycle trailer. Eventually, I started building bicycle trailers and selling them online, mostly to people in California. As a Canadian, that was the first time I earned American dollars, and I liked it.

In 2006, I started a cleantech company, Switch Fuel, that was focused on home heating using pelleted biofuels. It was a big idea, and I produced a video to explain how it worked. That video resulted in a pivot to video production. I moved to San Francisco, grew the companies and started a software platform for video, Switch Merge. I sold both in October 2016.

If it touches demand generation, sales development, and the sales process I want my hands in it. My ideal role is leading and coaching top managers and their teams to run creative, process-driven, and efficient sales teams. So while a smooth process and a killer strategy are crucial to stable, understandable and repeatable pipeline growth, I believe it’s all about supporting managers and their teams.

I also have never had coffee (not a drop!), but I do know a lot about Outreach, Salesloft, Salesforce, InsightSquared, and Vidyard.

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