Bill KingFounder of the Back 40 Farm and Co-Founder of the Old Greenwich Farmer’s Market

    Bill spent his childhood riding dirt bikes, clearing woods, raising goats, and eating home cooked meals but then moved to the fast paced world of New York City. After a successful career on Wall Street, Bill has spent the last six years exploring his passion for farming, food, and investments in both. Bill co-founded the Old Greenwich Farmer’s Market with Jeff alongside the Burke and Evans families, and is often the brains and strategy behind our collective efforts. When Bill is not immersed in financial models, he can be found planting vegetables, expanding our farm, talking about improving organic food systems or working on behalf of the Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture where he is an active board member. Bill brings passion and drive to everything he touches. He is passionate about his family and his wife of 22 years. He is passionate about Trinity Church and his leadership responsibilities. His secret vice is planting flowers and really anything that grows. He prefers nature to pavement, hiking to running, music to silence, kale to candy, friends to solitude, good wine to soda, college basketball to opera, working to resting, and U2 to Van Halen. Bill is just plain chief.


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