Dan MacCombieCPG Expert & Co-Founder of Runa

Dan MacCombie lives for his passion of reconnecting humans, ecosystems, communities, and has been working to enact his visions for this for over a decade. Dan and his business partner, Tyler Gage, founded Runa in 2008. Runa is both a conservation, development, and social enterprise as well as an increasingly significant beverage brand. Runa is the world’s first and foremost supplier of guayusa, an Amazonian super-leaf with millennia of history in Kichwa communities that is made as a tea-like drink. Dan and Tyler recognized the potential of guayusa both as a new ingredient and, more importantly, as a catalyst for creating change in Ecuador and the US. They created a system that has planted hundreds of thousands of guayusa trees in sustainable forest gardens, supports 3,000 farmers in 80 communities by multiplying their incomes, processes and exports over 20,000 (and growing) tons of guayusa per month, and creating a new model for sustainable economic development in the Amazon. Runa is now sold in 8,000 stores, and has created a full operation in Ecuador, including a large guayusa processing facility, all the flows and processes to support it, the Runa Foundation, and a number of other initiatives. Dan has recently transitioned to a role as an advisor, board member, and shareholder for Runa, while he refocuses his work on reconnecting people, livelihoods, ecosystems, and communities. When he’s not focused on that work, Dan is an avid adventurer as well as photographer, woodworker, guitarist, and sportsman, and feels lucky to be able to integrate all of those things into his work and a balanced life.

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/in/danielmaccombie

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