Deana MooreMarkitect | Marketing & Brand Consultant | Retail Designer

Deana Moore is a marketing and branding consultant whose primary focus is helping new consumer products and small businesses grow quickly and efficiently. Her dual expertise in architecture and marketing allow her to guide companies through the creative process resulting in cohesive brand experiences – from something as small as the sticker on the package to something as big as designing brick-and-mortar stores. She’s a true believer that every touch-point, no matter how large or small, affects the consumer’s experience with a brand.

Before starting her consulting studio, she was Vice President of Marketing for Fairway Market in New York. During her tenor, she helped to evolve the Fairway Market and Fairway Wine & Spirits brands, which is no small endeavor when working with an iconic brand that is rooted in New York City for over 80 years. She also helped to simplify and advance the business processes; designed, built and opened a brand new store in Brooklyn; and helped the brand reconnect with their community and customers.

Deana also served as the 52nd national Vice President for the American Institute of Architecture Students and worked at the National Association of Home Builders as their Design Manager. She’s also deeply rooted in the food industry working both for Earth Fare and Whole Foods.

She is also a wanderlust and data nerd who has an appetite for good food typically following a long bike ride, run or yoga session.

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