Ian KelleherPeeled Snacks | Expert in sales, hiring, and corporate strategy

    Ian Kelleher co-founded the pioneering brand Peeled Snacks when healthy food wasn’t yet cool.  As part of a generation of mission-focused food entrepreneurs, he helped lay down industry groundwork and standards for an ever-improving food-landscape we can luckily now take for granted.

    With a hand in every aspect of the business, he grew Peeled Snacks from a cute-idea-hatched-at-the-breakfast-table into a multi-million dollar manufacturer of organic snacks with coast-to-coast distribution.  Since his successful exit in 2017, he’s helped dozens of food companies large and small navigate the industry’s ever-shifted seas.  An expert in sales, hiring, and corporate strategy, Ian is a mentor, coach, board member and investor.  He lives with his wife and two shockingly wonderful children in Brooklyn, New York.