Lisa Fetterman CEO at Nomiku

Lisa Fetterman is an inventor, CEO, wife and mom to son, Zechariah. With a background in fine dining service with stints at high-brow restaurants like Babbo and Jean-Georges, Lisa, and now-husband Abe, had a life-changing moment when they first tasted a sous-vide egg made with a roughly hacked sous vide system they had concocted. Sous vide, the technique of cooking food in vacuum-sealed bags in a temperature-controlled bath, often results in perfectly cooked proteins that magically maintain their moistness while being fully cooked. And the egg was no exception. After experiencing its creamy custardy yolks surrounded by delicately silky whites, Lisa and Abe decided right then and there that everyone should be able to make such an amazing dish at home if they wanted to.


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