What We Miss From Our Time At Food-X

written by Bite CEO & Co-Founder, Jeff Hong

As I’m writing this post, we’re about 90 days after ‘graduation’ from Food-X – roughly the same amount of time that we were in the program to begin with. Here are our reflections on what we miss and what we’re doing to replace them.  


Aside from giving us a hard time, he also brought a lot of outside the box creativity into helping us crack our biggest problem. Often he did it with his British humour, and his quick quips were sorely missed.
How we make do: We noticed Andrew loves AppSumo. When we needed a better analytics dashboard? AppSumo. Ideas on sales calls and outreach? AppSumo. Still haven’t found a suitable replacement for his humour though.

Our cohort

 Working in a tight space with so many other wonderful teams brought some great bonding time – and in many cases knowing you’re not the only one facing start-up challenges often brings relief followed by group therapy. We may not have shared exactly the same problem on a micro level as our cohort, but we all shared the same macro problem – how to sell more, scale up and bring our ventures to the world. In many cases we shared strategies and tactics for dealing with it – some worked, some didn’t, but if startups are considered hypothesis testing, it was nice to have ideas to throw around and test.
How we make do: Sure we’re on slack – but it doesn’t make up for the random conversations we used to hear and the impromptu brainstorming sessions. New York however has a great community dedicated to the food & tech scene – notably Food+Tech Connect. Come say hi next time.

Eattiamo and Bite at our Food-X cook-off


Being around like-minded individuals pushed us to always keep moving. The entire Food-X team really helped with this – they got us great PR (including coverage in Fortune magazine!), meetings with some really cool people, and practice sitting through my good (and primarily bad) pitch sessions.
How we make do: I never knew how much effort was in this until I started doing it for myself. Our small team doesn’t quite come close in replicating the success, but I’m writing lots of emails and sounding like an email marketer at this point.


Imagine being surrounded by the best ice cream you can imagine (Lotus Scoop), next to fantastic protein chips (Protes) and flavorful sauces (Molli and SauceySauce) for three months, then have it disappear the next day. Nightmare right? Unashamedly, we admit we miss the taste tests.
How we make do: Sadly, we don’t. But this is where you can help. Our new address is 1 State St. NYC, 35th Fl. feel free to ship us something if you ever need a second opinion!

If you’ve made it this far down the post, and you still have q’s? Send me a note – info@getabite.co can’t wait to hear from you!


Applications are open for Food-X’s fifth cohort- Apply now to be a part of our startup community.