Rise Products Interview with Andrew from Food-X

www.riseproducts.co/ Interview with Bertha. Founder of Rise Products. RISE Products is a food tech startup in Brooklyn. Their mission is foster sustainability through technology. They are focused on upcycling organic byproducts into valuable ingredients. Their first product is tackling spent grain – the byproduct produced by the beer brewing process. Spent grain is often disposed of through landfill – Rise have patented technology to convert that waste into a flour – high in protein, fiber and low in carbs. Rise collects unspent barley from breweries and turn it into a tasty and nutritious flour using their proprietary technology. A chef? Reach out. A food manufacturer? Reach out.

Rise is collaborating with brewers and bakers to discover new and delicious ways to incorporate unspent barley flour into sweet and savory treats.


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