Food-X Status

Food-X has ceased running new cohorts. The Food-X program ran from 2014 through 2020. During that time we invested in 100 companies that SOSV proudly continues to support with our time, attention, and capital.

You can learn more about the Food-X portfolio here.

Join the SOSV Portfolio

Food is one of the fastest growing areas of investment for SOSV, and our programs are well positioned to help founders ready to invent the future of food. If you are a startup disrupting the future of food, we want to hear from you!

If your company is focused on deep-tech food science, please apply to our IndieBio programs.

If your company is focused on hardware challenges in the food industry, please apply to our HAX program.

If you have a company in the food sector, focused on the Asian markets, please apply to our Chinaccelerator program.

Featured Food-X Startups

For over 6 years, Food-X has invested and supported early-stage companies making waves in food innovation.