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A go-to website for all things local food, expanding the family-farmer connection, while celebrating its food experiences and benefits.


Cookmood lets you learn how to cook new dishes via live collaborative classes. If you are a good cook, the platform lets you make money by teaching classes from your own kitchen.


Eattiamo scouts and selects the best Italian artisanal food producers, offering them a platform and multiple service to sell their delicacies through several online sales channels.


Disrupting existing fruit and vegetable waste through innovative natural products that enhance the convenience of today’s consumer requirements and deliver taste, quality and natural goodness.

Green Blender

A smoothie delivery service that makes it fun and easy to indulge in your health, providing members five new smoothie ingredients and recipes each week.


A mobile app that connects consumers to restaurants, cafes and grocers buying from local and/or sustainable farms.

Local Food Lab

A global academy that empowers innovators to build a better food future, through training and opportunity in food, technology and entrepreneurship.


Mölli is a line of cooking sauces and marinades that capture the true and distinct flavors of the different regions of Mexico.


A triple bottom line local food distribution company working to replace the industrial food system by sourcing from urban farmers and food makers.


A mobile app that acts as the anti-Yelp by crowdsourcing hospitality experts as next generation mystery shoppers to help restaurants improve.


Wakati One is an innovative technology that increases the shelf life of fruits and vegetables for smallholder farmers in developing countries.