Damian FelchlinTrade Commissioner, Consulate General of Switzerland

Damian Felchlin is currently a Trade Commissioner for the Consulate General of Switzerland
based in San Francisco. He advises companies entering the U.S. market by helping them
determine their pricing, sales channel, branding, and supply chain strategies. Damian also
serves as the subject matter expert for food and beverages for the official Swiss export
promotion agency, Switzerland Global Enterprise, which has over 20 hubs worldwide.

In his previous position, Damian was a product manager responsible for over 15 million USD in
sales annually at the largest private U.S. food importer. He was responsible for sourcing
specialty food items from all over the world, working closely together with international suppliers,
analyzing the supply chain, and pushing sales in the foodservice and retail channels.

In his free time he loves helping startups grow and enter new markets. His most recent projects
include advising startups in the following industries: point-of-sale feedback solutions, food
blockchain platforms, mass market greenhouse solutions, and healthy snack products.

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