Anastasia Paranicas

Anastasia Paranicas has a broad background in marketing, branding and business development. Her work experience includes brand management, innovation and product launches on global and domestic [...]

Andrew Angus

So what do you need to know about Andrew Angus? I like people and processes. A lot. I channel this into building kick-ass sales and marketing stacks and the amazing teams that run them. That’s [...]

Maureen Cushing

Maureen applies over 17 years of information technology experience as USHG’s Vice President of Technology and Processes. She is also one of the founders of TechTable. Prior to joining USHG in [...]

Dan Altschuler Malek

Dan Altschuler Malek is a Venture Partner at New Crop Capital, an early-stage fund that backs entrepreneurs developing plant-based and cultured meat alternatives to foods derived from [...]

Damian Felchlin

Damian Felchlin is currently a Trade Commissioner for the Consulate General of Switzerland based in San Francisco. He advises companies entering the U.S. market by helping them determine their [...]

Alex Adelman

Alex Adelman is the CEO and Co-Founder of Cosmic. Alex has positioned Cosmic as a high growth, high value, and industry leading technology company, establishing strategic partnerships with key [...]

Deana Moore

Deana Moore is a marketing and branding consultant whose primary focus is helping new consumer products and small businesses grow quickly and efficiently. Her dual expertise in architecture and [...]

Mario Rodriguez

Mario Rodriguez has more than 13 years experience in creating value in start-up companies that span many industries. He brings a unique background in food & beverage with an operations [...]

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